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Action Needed To Repair City Street Lights:
Valdivia Gets It DONE.
"For more than two years, bureaucrats at San Bernardino City Hall have been promising to address the issue of burnt out street lights that are jeopardizing residents' safety in many neighborhoods.

Despite their promises, residents frequently encounter unlit, or dimly lit, street lights as they traverse our city roadways, parks and bicycle paths.

In fact, a recent survey shows that more than 1,000 of San Bernardino's 14,125 street lights remain completely burnt out.

Concerned about the city's slow response, I convened several meetings with city staff to better understand the issue and the internal structure at City Hall and how to go about solving the problem of burnt out street lights."
"It's Unfair To Close A Fire Station In A Particularly Poor, Minority Area Of The City..."
"Including overtime and benefits, the city said in U.S. Bankruptcy Court last year that the average compensation for the city’s 40 top-paid firefighters $197,000 a year, the next 40 $166,000 and the next 40 $130,000."

Valvidia Runs Unopposed In Nov. 2015 -- Wins Second Term
San Bernardino, which recently entered its fourth year of bankruptcy, has four City Council seats up for election as well as the offices of city clerk, city attorney and city treasurer.

In the Third Ward, Councilman John Valdivia, who beat a recall election in November 2013, was unchallenged and will get a second four-year term.

Best Way To Scare A Politician
Rugeley says that when recalls represent mere political opportunism, they overturn the will of the voters. Elected officials are so drained and distracted by even the threat of a recall that they're distracted from doing their jobs — or may duck tough issues to begin with.

"You can't do your job," says David Roberti, who survived a recall election triggered by a gun-control measure, as Democratic leader of the California Senate in 1994. "There are so many things I want to do, the pressure is to forget the thing that an aggressive organization is going to use to force a recall."

San Bernardino Efforts To Fix Street Lights -- Valdivia Advocates For Quick Response & Repairs
"Residents of the 3rd Ward and throughout the city have lost their sense of personal safety and the ability to use our public sidewalks and streets," said Valdivia, who thinks the city would see less crime if streets were brightened.

So for months, he's been pushing city officials to fix the problem, gathering information on alternative energy and including an item on Monday's City Council agenda asking staff to study the potential for solar or LED lights and report back within 60 days."
[AUDIO] San Bernardino City Offices -- EXCEPT ONE -- Sign City Hall Reorganization Plan
"Charter reform is moving forward in the city of San Bernardino. City officials this week signed onto an interim charter agreement that explicitly defines roles for the mayor, city attorney, city manager, and the city council.

While many of the top officials support the change, KVCR's Matt Guilhem reports there was one holdout: John Valdivia. ' This Act Is Illegal!'"

Crime: Business As Usual Won't Work
"...In the city of San Bernardino, extraordinary high rates of violent crime plague residents. Something needs to be done. Enough is enough.

There needs to be an immediate crime reduction plan, with defined outcomes. The mayor and city manager need to be held accountable and give this direction to the police chief..."

Group Targets Mayor, Valdivia, And The Whole Council. Valdivia: "Bring It On!"
"Councilman John Valdivia, for one, said he had served the city well and would continue to do so despite the recall effort.

"Here's my quote," Valdivia said. "Bring it on, exclamation mark, exclamation mark."
[Opinion] Deb Bunger: Valdivia Can't Be Blamed For San Bernardino's Mess
"I've never seen an elected official who keeps in closer touch with residents than Councilman Valdivia. In the past 12 months, he has convened well over a dozen town hall meetings.

John walks local neighborhoods and calls his constituents personally -- nightly -- to hear their views and concerns."
San Bernardino: Recall elections formally placed on Nov. 5, 2013 ballot
The council vote was 5-2 with, McCammack and Valdivia abstaining. Both stepped out of the council chambers, as did Penman, due to a conflict of interest, as advised by Tom Clark, a contract attorney.

The November ballot already features races for the position of mayor and three other council seats.

Valdivia Defeats the Recall, Wins BIG!
"I'm here to serve residents."
"Nearly 63 percent of the 973 voters in his ward sought to retain Valdivia, rather than recall him and replace him with Roxeanne Williams.

“The voters really sniffed out the BS behind the recall,” Valdivia said. “My (election) party was really a party for the residents, and that’s who I’ve served. I’m a strong advocate for residents.”'"
John Valdivia Wins Council Seat
"...The balance of power on the San Bernardino City Council is expected to change today as Councilman John Valdivia is sworn into office."